Getting Married At Gretna Green: Five Must-Dos To Ensure A Great Wedding In A Romantic Location

Every couple aspires to have that great, big wedding. Yes, even the groom – albeit a small population of remarkable gents. It’s only natural to want your special day to be as grand and perfect as possible. How do you that? The key is finding the right location that looks as if a storybook wedding were to take place and one that has served many weddings. The former guarantees romanticism while the latter indicates excellent facilities. For most people that dreamy place is called Gretna Green, where popular Brit TV series “Downton Abbey” shoots and 5,000 weddings reportedly take place every year. Getting married in Gretna Green, therefore, should be pretty memorable.
Of course, location is merely the first of many considerations you’ll need to determine before your wedding takes place. From the guest list to the caterer, from the wedding band to the florists, you and your spouse to-be could end up being at each other’s throats before the ceremony even begins. So you’ll need a proper guide to help you get organised and keep your cool. Try these five must dos for having the perfect wedding at the perfect location.
Do plan your wedding photography before the big day. Gretna Green is an idyllic village in the south of Scotland. You will have several beautiful backdrops to use for your wedding photography. Ask your photographer if he or she would be willing to walk through the historic wedding location so the wedding shots could be planned out and listed. This will save you and the photographer a lot of time in figuring out which areas and which features will look stunning on your wedding photos. When your wedding shots are done efficiently, you can spend more time with your family and guests at the reception.

Do hold your ceremony and reception in one place. Getting married in Gretna Green gives you access to several wedding venues. But the ideal one will have the proper civil wedding hall or chapel and suitable reception areas so that you don’t have to travel to another place. A wedding venue that is complete with a ceremony hall, a reception hall, and accommodations would be supremely convenient. Moreover, you needn’t worry about the caterer because the venue can provide you with one.
Do prepare for winter weddings. Winter can be a romantic season for weddings but not so when you aren’t prepared for the cold and losing daylight as early as past 3 in the afternoon. So make sure that you bring enough jackets and blankets (for shooting outdoors) and schedule your ceremony at a time that leaves you enough daylight.
Do save money and go with Gretna Green wedding packages that include the services of a wedding coordinator, your choice of a Christian ceremony or a civil ceremony, the venue, a bridal suite with a stunning view of Gretna Green, and, if you prefer, a traditional Scottish piper during and after the ceremony.
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